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      Hi, in XP, when you open your music folder, there is a tasks menu which allows you to play a selected folder/file or play the whole contents of the folder.[attachment=0:26vw3pqk]xp.jpg[/attachment:26vw3pqk]
      I noticed on pictures of vista a similar feature is available in the bar above the main window with the organise and views menus. [attachment=1:26vw3pqk]vista.jpg[/attachment:26vw3pqk]
      Is it possible to enable this in 2008? I know its not a very important feature, but it makes browsing music so much easier, I hate using library features in players. I have looked in the settings for folders but but couldn’t find an option, and there doesn’t seem to be a topic answering it.

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      Sorry to double post, but does anyone have an answer for this?

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