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      I configured my Server 2008 as a workstation, my friend has a Vista Ultimate desktop. We tried to play some game in LAN mode : COD 5 World at War, Counter Strike… but it didn’t work, my system couldn’t join the game server that my friend created (and vice-versa), it even didn’t find the game server.
      I expect this thing should work easily like it’s in Vista, but it seems I need a little configuration to make it work, and I don’t know how, please help

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        Hey RiaHeckler,

        On a lanparty some time ago I didn’t have problems playing games like Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 2004, GTA2 and some more games so I expect it’s just a firewall issue. Have you checked you both don’t have a firewall enabled like the Windows Firewall (Start -> Run -> firewall.cpl)?
        To test if your computer sees the listening port of the game host is open, download the commandline utility netcat and extract nc.exe to C:WindowsSystem32, open a console (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe) and enter: nc.exe -vvz remotehost portnr.

        If you want to test for example if you can connect to a Call Of Duty: World at War host, execute the following commands:

        nc.exe -vvz codserver 28960
        nc.exe -vvzu codserver 28960

        These will check if the tcp and udp port 28960 are reachable. If you get something else than portstate open, check what can be between the two hosts.

        Port numbers of games can be found by just using a search engine.

        Good luck! 🙂

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        Thanks, I’ll try this. I just thought about reinstall Vista after this problem made me headache for a few days, now it will have a chance ^^

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