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      After I installed w2012 and installed patches on it, offered by MS Update (this also offered .NET 4), the CPU consumption increased. This also happens on 2008 R2 but I simply set the .NET 4 ngen and ngen x86 services in the services not to start automatically, as the mscorsvw.exe eats up CPU resources. However when I went to services in w2012 I couldn’t find these services (.NET ngen and .NET ngen x86). I tried with msconfig (I guessed it can be here), here came the second surpise: the msconfigstartup pane said that this system doesn’t support this setting. In W8 the startup pane is reachable in the task manager, but in w2012 it doesn’t.
      Where and how can I set services and programs set not to start automatically in w2012?

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