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      Seems to be you need SP1 for MS Money to get it to work, however you cannot get SP1 without opening the program – a catch 22.

      has anyone had any luck downloading the update?

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      SP1 for WS08? When did they relase that?

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      i think he means you need SP1 for ms money to be able to run it

      you can do something known as an integrated install if you can download the redistributable file

      not sure on the installer switch but i know it can be done and there are tutorials on the web in reference

      look for office service pack integration

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      Did you find a solution to this? I have 2008 standard setup, full install, and MS Money 2008 Plus dumps out when I try to launch it. I have a colleague who is running 2008 enterprise and he can get it to run. I also have the same problem with a previous version, 2007. the 2008 is a trial. Either way it just bombs out and I am not sure why. No details provided in the event log.

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      Read above!

      I think Mauller07 has the answer you need.

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      My problem is slightly different, with my d/l registered version of MS Money 2007, I can’t even get that to install on W2K8. So, going to the SP1 isn’t an option.

      For MS Money 2008, the trial version, I can get that to install but not run. There is no SP1 that I am aware of to even apply.

      I have looked for the d/l and switches he referred to, but did not find anything which seemed useful for my dilema w/ 2008.

      Thanks for the feedback. Being as this is the wifes machine, I think I will haveto bag it for now and put her on Vista 64. 🙁

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      have you disabled DEP at all

      when i meant installer switch i was referring to pre installing a service pack into office as most service packs will install to update office if it is installed on the computer or you can switch it into integration mode

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      Have you tried running it in Compatibility mode, say XP?

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      I got it to work… Like above I had to turn DEP to windows only… BUT I installed money on XP, updated it and copied the program files over.

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