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      What is the best motherboard and processor for over clocking? I’m building a liquid cooled computer so heat is not an issue but id like the advice of other people on what motherboard and processor is best for this application.Any advise would be most appreciated.
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      As far as the board is concerned its merely preference… do you need SLI/crossfire board that will bridge 3 cards together or is 1 powerhouse graphics card enough? Problem with bridging with SLI is you need the same exact card in order for it to work or else its non-sli. For example if you buy a $500 Nvidia GTX 280 then you need to buy another $500 Nvidia GTX 280 to run it in SLI.

      As far as raw performance is concerned here’s a list of some chips you might want to consider:

      Intel Core i7 980x $999.99 Passmark Score 10,189

      Features: Six physical cores with HT (12 logical CPU cores), QPI link 6.4GT/s, 12MB L2 cache

      AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition $295.99 6,499

      Features: Six physical cores, 4000MHZ hypertransport bus, 3MB L2 cache, 6MB L3 cache

      Intel Core i7-875K $329.99 Passmark Score 6,509

      Features: Quad core processor with HT (8 logical CPU cores), 8MB L3 cache

      Or you could hit the lottery and buy a 1567 socket server board and throw two Intel Xeon x7560s with 24MB cache and 16 physical cores, (32 logical), 16GB of RAM or so… throw in a nice graphics card, some caviar (not the eating kind) … or a 15,000k RPM raptors in RAID 6… meh it’ll only set you back about $15,000. WHAT THE HECK!

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