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      Hello – I want to migrate my WS2K8 working install from the SATA RAID array it needed as a server (going elsewhere) to a single SATA drive. This is a P4 & PCI machine (Alien tower w/ ASUS P4B533 + 2G RAM). Hence I am using seperate PCI-SATA boards (1 for RAID, 1 for single SATA drive)requiring added drivers.

      I have restored a full server backup to the new disk, which is NTFS w/ a 1.3 TB primary partition marked active.

      My question is, how do I make the new disk the system boot disk?

      Thanks in advance for all consideration!


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        I’d try it using an imaging tool like Symantec Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image where you clone the contents of the RAID array to the new SATA harddisk. Never tried this, but at least you can try!

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