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      Hi, I’ve tried for months Windows Server 2008 R2 but there are too much problems.. Is there a way to return to Windows 7 without loosing files, documents and programs? Thanks

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      Sorry to hear about your problems with R2. You can be assured you are not the only one with ‘r2 woes’ I myself have had an unfriendly experience.

      My first problem: Endless reboot with Windows Update

      I had just finished installing the OS from a fresh installation. The installation process went great. I had the bulk of my programs not even installed yet. I figured it would be wise to patch Windows to its fullest to limit the amount of vulnerabilities on my machine. So upon installing the updates my computer asked me to reboot. Ok no problem. So when I rebooted the machine i was greeted with a “Updates failed, reverting changes…” Great! After the machine was done reverting changes it would attempt to re-configure the updates again! Of course it would fail and thus the endless reboot would begin. I got frustated so i decided to just start over.

      My 2nd problem: Blue screen when installing ESET

      I was downloading a trial of ESET AV4 business edition on my machine and the install went smoothly i thought everything was good. However when i rebooted the system would blue screen on every single boot up! Talk about annoying.

      Problem #3: Black Screen of Death

      I was a victim of this annoying bug (i believe to be caused by malware). The fault of my own indeed but this problem with exclusive to Windows 7/R2 from what I gather and its very annoying. I got rid of it eventually with a patch/fix i found online but it was still very frustrating to deal with.

      Problem #4: Strange boot times

      I would install the OS like normal and at first it was very snappy and boot times were as advertised in the 30 second range. Then for whatever reason it would suddenly go up to nearly 50 seconds! Like what the heck? I traced the culprit back to this specific update, but unfortunately it was a critical update and I can’t exactly ignore it. Annoying again is it not?

      Problem #5: Strange FPS with games

      I just purchased an EVGA GT 240 graphics card for my machine in order to play some more modern games on my machine and the installation went ok but all of a sudden for some reason my frame rates would become eradicate. I ran a benchmark and at first i was getting 50 FPS but all of a sudden it would go down to 15-20 fps for no reason. No problem at all on my 2008 machine under the same settings. Strange is it not?

      In terms of preserving your settings, files, and programs the closest you can get is Windows Easy Transfer. You will need able to drive/device to transfer your settings on because once you format You can get Windows Easy Transfer to work via Arris’s fix here:


      You must also acquire a copy of the migwiz folder from a windows 7 64-bit installation but i have gone ahead and done this for you. Just extract zip folder to c:windowssystem32 and follow arris’s instructions above!

      Sorry about your loss and good luck with 7. I am a fan of Server 2008 for now its been the most user friendly lesser problematic Microsoft OS to date on my machine.

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