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      Hello Guys,

      Just like you I am using Windows 2008 as workstation and I am pretty happy with it. There are few exception, tho.

      It seems Windows 2008 does not support MIDI devices:
      Here are 2 screenshots:

      First one is from Windows 7 build 6801:
      All MIDI ports and devices are present.

      This is screenshot from Windows 2008. As you can see no MIDI devices are present.

      Anybody have any idea which part from Vista/Win7 we are missing that can make my MIDI ports to work.

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        I have no idea how to get these MIDI devices into Windows Server 2008. Maybe at the Microsoft Technet Forums – Windows Server 2008 section they can help you with this problem…

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        I doubt microsoft will support me on installing workstation (vista) features into their Server 2008.

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        I know this doesn’t really help, but MIDI works fine for me, so I don’t think it can be an issue with Server 2008. What sort of MIDI interface are you using?

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        Yeah ditto. My Akai MIDI synth/keyboard works 100% in Server 2008, in both FL Studio 7 and Ableton Live. This is definately a driver issue.

        Windows 6/Vista/2008 does support MIDI devices, but it does not support “Gameport” devices. That is, the joystick pin plug on older soundcards. The physical port is not working, but this is MIDI transport over USB and works fine.

        Plus, playing MID files works fine [with Microsoft GS Synth or whatever it is, a software-emulated MIDI controller, the same one XP uses].

        Sorry I couldn’t help more. Peace.

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