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      No sooner do I post a reply to Triel’s post, do I finish the install and see the second BSOD in a row.

      I’m trying to install Windows Server 2008 on PC that includes a Intel D975XBX2 mainboard with both Intel and Marvell RAID controllers.

      After booting from DVD, the install commences to the point where the wizard asks for storage drivers. I have two 36GB Raptors attached to the Marvell RAID controller in RAID 0. The Intel RAID card is hosting 4 each 500GB WD RE2 SATA drives which are currently powered down so they aren’t overwritten by accident. I plug in the USB thumb drive with the Marvell drivers on it and point the the UTD. The wizard finds the drivers, recognizes the array (at around 70GB) and commences expanding and copying the installation files.

      Upon reboot, I pull the UTD (after the screen goes blank) and await reboot. The Raptors grind for a bit and I see the Win2008 progress bar. Then, I get the BSOD and the PC reboots. Upon the second reboot, the array is gone (displaying the “No array defined!” warning message).

      This exact result has occured twice in a row. I’m wondering why the array vanishes after the boot sequence has already begun?

      Any thoughts?

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      I have same motherboard, and same problems with Marvell 🙁 Have you a latest BIOS. It can help. Last time I used Marvell it not dissapear ( RAID Volume ). Latest BIOS is 2831 and it is dated 4/23/2008. It can be found at Intel Download Center. _

      It is not Windows 2008 problem – it is Marvell / Intel problem 🙂

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