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      i don’t know where to post this:

      My Server 2008 is indexing my files in background. But the Harddisk makes noise, almost every second. In other forums i read, this is normal and shoud be gone in a few days.

      My opinion: This is nonsense:
      My question: Is indexing on manual possible?
      It shouldnt be in the background, because this is slow and annoying….

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      Indexing, in my honest opinion, is completely useless. If is for people who don’t know how to use computers, who forget where they save their files, and don’t know how to organize all their documents properly. The “slow” item-by-item search is more than good enough incase you manage to loose a file. Turn it off completely – your hard-disk will thank you 🙂

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        The only thing I can think of is to create a shortcut to net stop “Windows Search” and an other one to net start “Windows Search” to start/stop the Windows Search service when you don’t need it. I am not aware of a possibility to only allow Manually Indexing in stead of automatically indexing in the background.

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        Ah yes, dont think there is really anyway way to actually tell windows to “Index Now” per se. But yeah my post isn’t exactly true I guess, indexing does have it’s advantages – for instance, if you index your…. “Short Movies” folders, the thumbnails for each video will become part of the index store I believe and make your general Explorer browsing much more efficient to find that ‘clip’ you wanted….. LOL

        ANYWAY, If you are ONLY using Windows Indexing for the FILE SEARCH functions and not for the other crazy stuff like Document Tags and all that, I suggest you take a look at NeoSearch. Created in AutoIt3 [which I also use to create many programs] it is definately a VERY impressive piece of software! Link below, check it out 🙂
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