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      I wanted to install norton 360 on my Windows 2008 R2 VM but as it doesnt support server software it failed ofcourse.
      Anybody know how to bypass it and still install it?

      I want it to let it think it is windows 7 cuz windows 2008 R2 does not have significant differences which would cripple the compatability with programs that does work with windows 7.

      So anybody thought of a program that lets think the program you want to install on the server to be wanted to install on a windows 7 computer.

      As norton 360 doesnt support servers which i would guess i know why cuz it has functions which you particulary dont want on a server, but i do as i use it as home computer, as it is free from my student account and yeah pirating isn’t the best way is it?

      i know run the program on compatability mode but that doesnt work.

      So anybody know a real bypass which rewrites some files or registeries or something that let it really think it is ran on a workstation OS and not Server OS

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      why dont you just install w7?

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