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      Hello. I am rather surprised at the fact that this cannot run on 2k8 Server.

      The suite installs fine, but running it properly is the issue. The program starts up fine and heads to the Home page where one can choose to start a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation. However, attempting to start any of them results in nothing happening. No errors, nothing…but not quite. Every time the program is closed, I can see for a brief moment that an error dialog finally pops up but it closes itself! I had to go as far as recording my screen to see what kind of error it was.

      I tried to bring it up at the official forums: http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/documentsForum.nsf/AllByUNID/E2DB42718D3145AA8525756E0008D877?open&forum=Issues%20and%20Troubleshooting&row=1

      The admin says it’s not supported, even though 2k8 is essentially Vista. And the error I’m getting is possibly something Javascript related (it is called a NoClassDefFoundError error) so it can’t be impossible to resolve, especially when you consider Symphony is based on OpenOffice.

      I already have OO installed but I’d like to try out Symphony. It looks a bit more refined than OO. So, any help would be appreciated.

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