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      I am part of the tech eval of MS Live Mesh and it will not install on SRV2008. Has anyone else tried this?

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        Maybe you can use the method described at the Stealthpuppy Blog to get it installed?

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        This is a good tip for live writer, gallery, messanger, etc… but If anyone knows if it is possible to get Mesh installed on Windows 2008 that would be huge for me!

        Thanks Arris

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          I requested a Live Mesh account but didn’t get one yet. If you mail the installer I will test it in a clean Server 2008 Virtual Machine. Email is on the bottom of the mainpage! :geek:

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          Did you get accepted yet? I cant find an installer. Just an uninstaller. Its a strange install process. It took several days for me to get an invite, so I would just wait, to see.

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          I’d like to get to beta program Live Mesh too. Would you like to invite me? Nick kub11. Thanks.

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          I cant send invites you have to apply on microsoft’s connect site.

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