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      Special thanks go to:
      Apocaliptica – for the format of colors, alphanumeric order, and posting of X64 applications.
      SeaChange – for the first member to post multiple application in one posting, with detailed reasons why things went wrong or how to get them to operate properly.
      linuxgeekintraining – for the first member to post what security applications will not work due to various reasons and for listing those reasons.

      Updated: April 9th, 2008
      Download Word Document – List of Applications
      Download Adobe PDF – List of Applications

      GREEN – means working fine
      YELLOW – means working, but unstable or only with tricks
      RED – means not working

      All programs tested at Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64

      7-Zip 4.57 x64

      Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1
      Adobe Photoshop CS2
      Auto GordianKnot 2.45
      AviDemux 2.5
      ArtMoney 7.27
      Azureus Vuze 3.0.22 – works, but takes a very long time to download things
      Atitool testing modes and overclocking doesnt work properly on x64 (missing driver signation?)
      A Squared(free version tested)
      Acronis true image Echo Enterprise Server 9.5
      Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro
      Aimp2 2.50.264
      Alcohol 120% 1.9.6
      Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.03

      Coretemp 097.1 and newer – Now Vista x86 + x64 ready!
      Cfosspeed Trafficshaping 4.2
      CPU-Z 1.44.1
      Comodos BoClean

      DaemonTools 4.12.2
      DBPowerAMP 11.5 Musik Converter
      DVD Fab5

      Ebay TurboLister 2
      Eset NOD32 Anti-Virus Home 3.0.642 – doesnt work
      Eset NOD32 Anti-Virus Business Edition 3.0.642 – works perfect
      Everest Ultimate 4.0 and newer
      EVGA Precision 1.3.2

      Foobar 2000

      GCFScape 1.66 and newer
      GPU-Z 0.17
      Gimp 2.4.6





      LogonStudio Vista x64 – Does not change the logon screen, it does nothing.

      Microsoft Office 2003/2007/Project
      MIRC 6.21 and newer
      Media Player Classic
      Mozilla Thunderbird
      MSI Dual-Core Center Live Update 3 – works, but very awful
      Malwarebytes, AntiMalware 1.22
      Mobile Net Switch v3.71

      nLite 1.4.1
      Nero v8.*

      Opera 9.26
      Open 2.4

      PHPRunner v4.1 – Installs without issue. Inorder to use the application you must disable Data Exicution Prevention (DEP) See Disable Data Execution Prevention
      PC Wizard 2008
      Paint .NET x64 (
      Power ISO 4.2


      Raxco Perfect Disk 8.0
      RivaTuner 2.08
      RouterControl 1.8
      Roxio EZ Media Creator 10

      Skype 3 – crashes after 1-10 seconds, use older version
      Safari 3.1
      Steam Install.msi
      Skype >3.8
      Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.209.00

      Teamspeak 2
      Tuneup Utilities 2008 – detects a Windows Server 2003 version, but works
      Truecrypt 5.1a – No Known Issues!
      TotalCommander 7.03 – Works fine in Server 2008 (tested by a registered owner of TC software)! It is fully functional with just one exception: TC doesn’t see the WindowsSystem32 folder content, redirects to the SysWOW64 folder content. This is not Server 2008 specific, but with all Win x64 OSs. TC know about the problem:
      Truecrypt 6.0
      Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1 – I’m not sure if all additional apps works.

      UltraIso 8 – works
      UltraMon – Messes up the Aero Theme and puts it back to non-Aero.
      Ultramon 3.02

      Video Lan Client
      VistaBootPro 3.3.0 – unstable and a lot of errors
      Vista Manager 1.40
      VMWare 6
      vLite 1.1.1
      VirtualDub 1.7.7 AMD64 – starts, but always says: VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to decompress.
      VirtualDub 1.8.4 x64

      Winrar 3.71 / 3.8
      Windows Live Messenger 8.5 – downloader doesnt work, download the offline installer
      Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (Download) – No Known Issues!

      Xp Anti-Spy




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      Updated format, colors, added applications, and added Word and PDF documents for download.

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      If Logon Studio doesn’t work how can you change that blue logon screen? 😐 I don’t like it. I want to change it but it doesn’t work. I changed imageres.dll from c:Windowssysten32……. but remains unchanged. How should I do to change the logon screen.


      I have Windows Server 2008 x64 installed on my system and it rocks.

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      The answer is simple – you cant 🙂 Ok, maybe you can, but we haven’t found way to do it yet – i searched alot in the registry, imageres.dll and other files but still nothing..There must be some settings in the core for each OS type – for example the logon background is still in imageres.dll, but its not even used from there.If you use the vista crack, the server manager and other server-related functions doesnt work, so your OS is still Server 2008, but its recognized as workstation type and the logon background looks just like vista.

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      – iTunes
      – Nero v8.3.6.0 (Trial from the official site)
      – Vuze

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      Roxio EZ Media Creator 10-Works
      Malwarebytes, AntiMalware 1.22-Works
      Comodos BoClean-Works
      A Squared(free version tested)-Works
      DVD Fab5
      Acronis true image Echo Enterprise Server 9.5-Works
      Power ISO 4.2-Works
      Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro-Works

      All used regularly on Windows Server 2008 Standard X64

      I did’nt see these listed so if I double posted a title it was not intentional.

      Hope these help.


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      – TotalCommander 7.03
      works fine in Server 2008 (tested, I’m a registered owner of TC software) !
      It is fully functional with just one exception:
      TC doesn’t see the WindowsSystem32 folder content, redirects to the SysWOW64 folder content. This is not Server 2008 specific, but with all Win x64 OSs. TC know about the problem:
      – WinRAR 3.8 b3
      entirely functional, even the context menu options.
      – Most tools and apps mentioned here work just fine in win2k8:

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      Just wanted to drop a line that Ultramon 3.02 works just fine on 2008 x64. Not sure if the person who listed it as not working was using x86 or not, though.

      Truecrypt 6.0 works fine on x64, too.

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      I can also confirm Mobile Net Switch v3.71 works on Windows Server 2008 x64. Please see:

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      VirtualDub 1.8.4 x64 is fully functional…
      Skype‘s latest versions (3.8) are fixed and dont crash

      Alcohol 120% 1.9.6 – fully functional

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      Add to list with green marker.
      Gimp 2.4.6
      Open 2.4
      Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.209.00
      EVGA Precision 1.3.2
      Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.03
      Aimp2 2.50.264

      Total Commander Ultima Prime 4.1 – I’m not sure if all additional apps works.

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      U can add
      all tested and working fine
      K-lite Codec pack
      Free Video to MP3 Converter – Videosoft
      Tversity Media Server
      Twonky media – Media server
      Real Alternative
      Visual Cert exam Suite

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      Nod32 2.8
      Firefox 3.0
      eMule 0.49
      BsPlayer 1.85
      Visual Studio 2008

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      Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 DOES NOT work in Server 2008 x64 if you try to print to PDF. It just hangs. There is a KB to fix this, but it doesn’t support Server 2008 x64 – it only works for Vista x64. Any ideas on how to install this fix on Server 2008 x64?


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        Maybe you can apply the fix using the method described on the following page:
        Microsoft Technet Forums – “The update does not apply to your system”

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        ACDsee pro 10.0.219 works, but it is unable to open jpeg2000 files, even though the appropriate plugin is installed. It simply says the “The source data format is not recognized”. It works just fine in Vista Ultimate x64.

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        Virtual DJ seems to work but the date base search is slow maybe thats my pc though? i do have a 100gb of music in one folder 🙄

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        Also you can add

        Utorrent 1.8.1
        ATI Catayst control centre 11 beta I had isuses with the 8.10 hotfix
        Winamp 5.54
        Everest Hardware monitor
        Nero 7 Ultra
        Video Lan
        Riva Tuner2.11

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        Hi guys,

        Im about to install sever 2008 X64 for the first time and have a question does it come with Wordpad,Paint and notepad? and does yahoo messanger and avg work with it.

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          @malik22 wrote:

          Hi guys,

          Im about to install sever 2008 X64 for the first time and have a question does it come with Wordpad,Paint and notepad? and does yahoo messanger and avg work with it.

          Yep, these applications are installed by default. As you can see in the List of Applications (x86), Yahoo Messenger is working fine and I expect it will also work fine on the x64 edition. In the Security Software compatibility list, there is a workaround to get AVG working on Windows Server 2008.

          Good luck installing Windows Server 2008! 😉


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          Nero – compatibility mode Windows XP; needs directX 9.0c

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          Adobe Master Collection CS4

          I’ve installed, and started every application.Photoshop CS4 x64 is nice (cos of RAM thing).

          Soon after I crashed system, but due to some other issue.

          So CS4 can work.

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          3DMark Vantage
          Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
          NI Kontakt 3
          Synthogy Ivory Standalone
          – The Challenge/Response version which is purportedly incompatible with Vista works fine.

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          My experiences with Burning Studio 2008 v 8.03: it seems that it only works in xp sp2 compat. mode., else it doesnt succeed to write the lead-out, it takes several minutes, but the burnt disc is a failure

          infrarecorder it starts, but it wont write to a blank disc.

          anybody else had similar problems?

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          @Apocaliptica wrote:

          Nero – compatibility mode Windows XP

          Thats not true. There is no need for compatibility mode.

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          TuneUp 2009 recognizes the system as windows 2008 and works fine!

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          Add to the list, for the x64 version of server 2k8

          Everest ultimate edition 4.0
          Grabit 1.7.2 beta 3
          ftd 3.8.4
          virtual clone drive
          HItachi Storage Naviagator Modular GUI
          Nokia PC Suit (compatibility mode windows xp sp2)
          Citrix xenapp
          citrix program neighborhood
          Vmware infrastructure Client Vcenter 2.5.u4

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          RocketDock 1.3.5 – if you’re administrator program runs fine, Standard user need to have all permissions for folder.

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          Raxco Perfect disk 10 server version works.
          A squared free version works.
          Malwarebytes anti malware free version works.
          Roxio easy media creator 2009 ultimate works.
          Ccleaner works.
          Riva tuner 2.24 works.
          The current Nvidia Vista drivers are working fine with my 9800 ASUS Video card. v 182.50
          Vista codec pack (sharkys) both the 32bit and 64bit addon installed. Works!
          And of course IE8. Works!

          All are currently installed and running on a full activated install of Windows Server 2008 Standard x64.

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          ESET Smart Security 4.0.424.0 (x64)
          Works perfect

          Server 2008 Enter RC2

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          Adobe CS3 Master Collection
          Internet Download Manager v15.5
          PC Tools Anti Virus

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          Google Chrome
          Express Burn
          My LockBox
          Programmer’s notepad
          Revo Uninstaller
          The Godfather
          Picasa 3


          Power DVD 9

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          AS of the latest version of of itunes, there is some issues with “not being able to sync” or sync errors.

          So far, running the setup as admin and windows vista in compatability tab seems to be ok, will do further testing.

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          Nero6 Reloaded (need to configure DVD drive for “Current Recorder Setting”
          PowerDVD2010 Trial – works fine
          Paintshop Pro 7 – works fine
          Paintshop Pro 8 – works fine

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          Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 – works well, but installer must be modified

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          Photoshop CS5-Working

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          Image Burn works great on W2008 Server SP2 X64
          Real Player

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