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      windows 7 has a feature called link online ids. it’s in user accounts in control panel. with this you can link current user account with the live id account.
      I found onlineidcpl.dll in system32 and syswow64 and moved them on server 2008 r2. also I found some reg keys and I also imported them on server 2008 r2. but I didn’t found a way to show that link( link online ids) in control panel. Can anyone help?
      I believe it’s another reg key just like display color calibration. but I can’t find it.

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        Hello dann23, first of all, welcome at the win2008workstation forum! 🙂

        Copying onlineidcpl.dll from %SystemRoot%System32 and %SystemRoot%SysWOW64 and onlineidcpl.dll.mui from %SystemRoot%System32en-US and %SystemRoot%SysWOW64en-US is indeed a good start.

        After copying the files, running regsvr32.exe with as parameter the dlls should be the next step. However, after registering it still doesn’t show up in the Control Panel.

        A search through the registry for “OnLineIDCpl.dll” reveals several keys in which the dll is listed. These should possibly also be copied, but after copying I still couldn’t get it working…

        One thing you could try is to invoke the command control /name Microsoft.UserAccounts /page pageOnlineAccounts in both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 while running the Sysinternals Process Monitor tool in the background. This allows you to compare the registry keys and files accessed during the load of the Online IDs page in the Control Panel.

        Hope this helps you! 😉 Please report back if you are making progress or even get it working! :geek:

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        Great. that command line works even if link online ids doens’t appear. except that it won’t show windows live as a provider. it’s empty. If remember correctly there was a reg key in windows 7 that has listed windows live as provider. I hope to find something today.

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        I attached all the reg keys that I found but can’t manage to make windows live to show as online provider. I’ll try again on a clean install. Maybe I broke something in the process. Also process monitor didn’t reveal something new.

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