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      I just converted from winXP I’m using my win 2k8 “desktop” as a media PC. It is hooked to my home sound system so I can play MP3 audio throughout the house via my amp & speaker system.

      Originally when I was running winXP, I would just remote desktop into the machine and control Winamp to play audio. The problem is, when MS moved to 2k8, they set it so RDP server ignores the audio setting to “Leave at remote computer” and they disable the directsound outputs. It works perfectly when I am at the PC logged in direct without RDP, but I want to be able to control the music when I’m sitting out on my deck or somewhere else in the house besides sitting in front of the computer.

      MS says this is disable “by design” but I have to think there is some way around this. I’ve been scouring the net for several days, and don’t see a solution.

      Does anyone know how to re-enable sound output, or know exactly how they disable sound over RDP connections so we can come up with a way to re-enable?

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      Possible workaround is to use a different remote desktop – for instance VNC – a well–established and reliable alternative to native Microsoft RDP / MSTSC. Haven’t trioed it with W2K8 but my educated guess is that it will work fine.



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      Have you considered LogMeIn Free?

      Link: https://secure.logmein.com/US/products/free/

      Install it on your server 2008 box and then you can remotely control your winamp using a Web browser on your other machines.

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