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      Anyone have joy.cpl?

      This along with the XINPUT9_1_0.dll file placed in System32 will get the Xbox 360 Wireless controller working!

      XINPUT9_1_0.dll file can be downloaded from Microsoft. File is: directx_mar2008_redist and is contained in the unzipped archive: Oct2005_xinput_x64.

      As for the Vista x64 joy.cpl, anyone know where I can download it?!

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        (same reply as the blogpage ;))

        Thanks for your information about XINPUT. I uploaded joy.cpl from a Vista SP1 x64 to megaupload but for me the configuration window didn’t show up when double clicking… You can try to use Process Monitor to monitor what goes wrong when opening joy.cpl.

        More info about using Process Monitor here!

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        u dont need joy.cpl from vista x64, all what u need is joy.cpl from Windows XP standard 32-bit edition.

        or if link is out of order: Working joy.cpl in Server 2008

        just copy joy.cpl from Windows XP in your %SystemRoot%SysWOW64 folder

        %SystemRoot% is your path to Windows folder, usualy C:Windows

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          Thats a nice trick microslav! I will create a tutorial for the x86 and x64 version with the files included in the manual! Thanks for this tip! 😀

          Edit: Added the new Game Controllers tutorial with credits to microslav! 😉

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