Is there any compatible Server 2008/R2 WebCamera out there?

Forums Operating Systems Windows Server 2008 R2 Hardware Compatibility Is there any compatible Server 2008/R2 WebCamera out there?

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      I have spent all day browsing around looking for any web camera that has successfully worked for someone running Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2 with no luck. I wanted to post this to see if anyone could respond with a suggestion or an option that worked for them.


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      I have owned a few Microsoft Lifecam series webcams over the years. I can tell you that they work with 2008/R2 no problem. If you get an outdated model just make sure you download the 7 version of the driver. I have tried to install a Vista version of Lifecam vx-5500 on R2 in the past and it refused to install. Come to find out Microsoft released an updated software version for 7 only. I can only speak on behalf of Microsoft web cams, other vendors like Logitech and Creative Labs.

      Web Cams are a common item in business environments for things like video conferences, calls, etc so i could see a reason why vendors would see it necessary to support Server 2008/R2 platform. I can’t be completely sure. Some vendors might strictly make a home version and a business version… its hit or miss my friend…but i like your chances of hitting a home run.

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