Is Server 2008 worth it in performance?

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      Hi Guys,

      Before I embark on this adventure could you give some personal feedback on how you feel the improvement in performance have been using 2008 compared to Vista or XP?


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      just run a search in Google for windows server 2008 as workstation

      and u will see much info about it and comments

      which performance u looking for ?

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      Looking for Gaming performance to be specific.


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      Hello, to answer your question

      From a non technical approach – I would say worst case scenario is your gaming performance would be the same as in Vista, I doubt very much if gaming performance can degrade by using Win2008Workstation. BUT in my experience games actually run faster in Win2008Workstation. Again, just in my experience XP is the best OS around for games atm. My direct-x 10 games still work a lot quicker in XP. One thing I have noticed is an overall improvement in the smoothness of the games, less jerking for some reason as in Vista, my games used to jerk around a bit.

      So to answer your question, if you’re thinking of Migrating from Vista, then go for it, but if you’re running XP Natively purely for games, then I would say stick with XP.

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