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      Hi folks,

      I’m trying to get my IrDA Adapter for the Polar ProTrainer to work with Win2008r2 and I’m running into problems. I got the latest driver, and it’s 64-bit and WHQL and works with Windows 7, but won’t run on the server.

      I suspect that Windows 2008 r2 doesn’t have IrDA support. I’ve installed the eHome pack from this site and as far as I can tell it hasn’t done anything. It completed without errors, and I’m not sure what other steps I should do.

      The device shows a yellow exclaimation mark in the device manager and doesn’t work.

      Any suggestions?

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      Try to install the Bluetooth stack. It should contain basic parts of the Windows 7 IrDA stack.

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      Hm, I have bluetooth working and Ive used it with Nokia Ovi suite.

      I also got the eHome Microsoft irda installed (just borrowed the receiver from my MCE). But for the life of me I cant get this Polar adapter to work! 🙁

      Im getting “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)”

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      Well, if anyone hits the same problem, I found a solution…

      Polar used some cheap chinese electronics manufacturer to do their expensive IrDA adapters, who didn’t bother updating their drivers since 2006. Seriously!

      I’ve created a XP VM on Hyper-V and installed Polar ProTrainer there. Which is fine but Hyper-V has no USB support, so I’ve installed Fabulatech’s USB over Network and shared the device that doesn’t get registered properly on the Windows Server 2008r2 host.

      When sharing Fabulatech disable the device on the host, so I have no “unknown device” in the device manager, and it’s working fine on the host, the driver from 2006 works fine on 32-bit Windows XP. (surprise, surprise!)

      My only gripe is that Microsoft didn’t include any sort of USB support in Hyper-V. So I gotta use third-party software 🙁

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