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      Name: Étienne
      Age: 28
      Country: Québec (french native language)
      Interests: Librairies, books, history
      Computer experience: General use only,since Win95. No specific formation or job in relation.
      Why WIN2K8: I had WIN2K3 as a workstation. It is fast on older PC system. I am a Newbie about the OS.
      Why moderator – historic: I’ve been moderator for a long time in forums, but not about computer subjects: Welcoming people, apply rules, discipline, correction, presence. Here, our admin had more members than he thought he would, I offered my help.

      I am really not an expert concerning Windows OS or computers. So we are lucky to have members here answering specific questions and troubleshooting related to Win2k8. Thanks to members for your presence, we need you to exist and have an ambiance.

      Thanks to our admin for this forum 😎 .


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