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      Thanks to the guys in this forum I’ve been able to enable readyboost for Server 2008 on my Dell XPS 1530. I also have the ITM (Intel Turbo Memory) 4GB PCI card installed. So far in Device manager I just get a yellow exclamation on “Other device” for a “PCI controller”. From going into hibernate, then wake up, this thing shot on like a bat our of hell! There is a 2.5 gig partition that I can format and such, but i know is not part of my harddrive. I cannot set it as a readyboost drive either. The computer thinks it’s a part of the harddrive installed. If anyone has had any luck getting the turbo memory working, or at least get it to be set up to be used as it is intended, please let us know. Thanks.

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        Doesn’t this method work for you? As you can see ShadowGuy got ITM working.

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        I don’t have the imd-0 drive that’s in his disk management console. What got me this far is the driver disk from Intel which had the dll’s on the cd, as the install program you download from the Intel site only has the exe file. Once you point the “PCI Device” to the new drivers, the “Flash Cache Logic Chip” will show up in Device Manager, as ShadowGuy had managed to do. Still, I’m not picking up on the imd-0 drive he was able to see and I was mistaken about this starting up fast from the installed memory, as it’s not doing it now.

        It looks like he had a good work around that constantly shoots “low disk space” messages at him. I seem to remember reading up somewhere back in the days of 2000 a way to prevent low disk warnings from popping up at you. I’ll see what I can pull up.

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