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      Intel have just released their new GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) drivers, which power many notebooks and some desktops as well with integrated graphics. There is no mention of Windows Server 2008 on their site (like it doesn’t exist), but up until now their Vista 32 and Vista 64 drivers were perfectly usable on Server systems.

      Their new driver version 15.11 ( breaks this, and informs you that it does not support this operating system. I can’t for the love of God comprehend the reasoning behind that – not providing a driver for Microsoft’s newest OS and even breaking compatibility of their Vista driver so that their users are left in the dark.

      Needless to say, what the driver installer says is bullshit, the new driver is perfectly compatible with Server systems. The trick to install it is:

      – Instead of executing the winvista_1511.exe, unpack it to a directory with WinRAR
      – Navigate into that directory, select Setup exe with a right click
      – Click on Properties, select the Compatibility tab
      – Enable Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2
      – Run Setup.exe

      Doing this for the original installer does not work, so don’t bother, you have to unpack it.
      I have only checked this on 32-bit Server, but there is no reason why 64-bit shouldn’t work the same way.

      Good luck, and while you are at it, tell Intel support that you are extremely unhappy with them not providing a graphics driver to Windows Server 2008 systems, at the following site (email and phone are available):

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        Thanks for your clear explanation! Why should they ever refuse to install those drivers on Server operating systems? I think it’s just to secure themselves in case of server crashes and data loss that might be caused by their drivers. 😐

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        Compatibility mode works for x64 as well. Thanks gkovacs.

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