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      I had intel HD Graphics 4000 and the only available at the momment driver for windows 8.1 preview turn of signal of DVI/HDMI at install time on server 2012 r2
      so i must continue install at remote desktop, but still driver not working at all after install.
      if I use win8 driver, i lost all 3d, no blu-ray support

      8.1 preview driver:

      my 2012R2 is upgraded from 2012 (non-R2)
      i will try later today clean 2012 R2 on my secondary HDD

      also install the “Desktop Experience” feature in Server Manager. before installing driver

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      Also trying to install the HD Graphics for the P4600 (embedded in Xeon E3-1225).

      Any advice on how to get it working…?

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      Hi Guys, I had this problem with my HD4000, latest 8.1 beta drivers from intel dont start and drivers above cause apps to crash and server manager cannot start.

      I am now using the driver list below without any problems –

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

      Report Date: 9/18/2013
      Report Time[hh:mm:ss]: 12:45:44
      Driver Version:
      Operating System: Windows 8 (6.2.9200)
      Default Language: French (France)
      DirectX* Version: 11.0
      Physical Memory: 6035 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory: 32 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory: 1664 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use: 133 MB
      Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
      Processor Speed: 2395 MHz
      Vendor ID: 8086
      Device ID: 0166
      Device Revision: 09
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      can u confirt that also direct3d is working fine?

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      @screamer wrote:

      can u confirt that also direct3d is working fine?

      works just fine..

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      thank’s, i also got now working with latest driver Intel_HD_Graphics_15.33.3.3304

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      Any links to the functional drivers? I have the OP’s problem with 2012 R2. On the driver install from Intel’s site, screen goes black and no signal out from DisplayPort or HDMI. I am coming from HD3000/Apple hardware, though.

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      Problem solved, after many hours of frustration. No Intel HD drivers from their site work across the board. And the original Apple drivers coming from the BCA in OSX don’t work either – the service detects the wrong drivers and gets the wrong software.

      The solution is to manually grab them via the Apple BC site as they have custom compiled drivers for the HD3000 in Windows* period. These work, and appear to be the only ones working for this config under 2012 R2. Hope this is meaningful for anyone else attempting a similar Mac hardware setup for 2012 R2.

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      you can use driver from windows update catlog. it works. you may grab it manually from the ms website.

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