Installing "Hyper-V" disabled hibernate & sleep !?

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        Hi !

        Installing “Hyper-V” disabled “Hibernate” & “Sleep” !?
        I also installed SUA, subsystem for Unix-apps, but i suspect it´s Hyper-V that is causing this…

        After installing Hyper-V both “Hibernate” & “Sleep” have been removed from Powerbutton-action,
        and also from the “red” button on the logon-screen.
        Actually they are still there, but they are “grey”…

        Is this really normal ?
        Have can i reenable “Hibernate” & “Sleep” ?
        Is it not possible to have “Hibernate” & “Sleep” together with Hyper-V ?

        I tried to reenable hibernate with “powercfg -h on”, but i get an errormessage: “An internal system component has disabled hibernation”

        UPDATE: I just removed Hyper-V, now both “Hibernate” & “Sleep” are back.
        So it´s caused by Hyper-V…

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