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      Hi everyone,

      I didn’t where to post this thread so I’m gonna posted here. I decided to give it a try and install WinServer2008. I’m actually installing it right now (60% going) but I’ve found that the installation process it is extremely slow from the beginning. I’m booting from the DVD and it takes roughly 7 minutes to load the first screen with the language info. Then, passing from one windows to another takes also some time (the installation seems to be working in the background though). I find this very strange specially because I have a relative good PC (Intel Quad Core Xtreme 9770 with 4 Gb of RAM).

      Is this an isolated problem or have you had the same issue?

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      Is because the installation of Win2008/Vista hast issues when working with more than 3GB of RAM.
      It’s recommended to leave only 3GB or less, install, and then add the RAM.


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