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      I have a HP Pavillion dv5t laptop and Win 2008 server 32-bit installed.

      I installed the infrared drivers for vista. The device manager shows the name of the device as “ENE CIR Receiver” as “This device is working properly”, but the resources tab shows a conflict – Input/Output Range 0380 – 0383 used by: Motherboard resources.

      The infrared remote is not working as a consequence.

      Please help.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hey! I found out today how to do this!
      Copy circlass.inf from some folder in C:windowsSystem32DriverRepositorycirclass.inf_whatever and circlass.sys from c:windowssystem32drivers to one folder, let it be C:CIR

      Open COPIED circlass.inf in NOTEPAD and change line
      %Microsoft%=MicrosoftHw,NTx86…1 to %Microsoft%=MicrosoftHw,NTx86…3 (just change 1 to 3) and
      same with line [MicrosoftHw.NTx86…1] (change to [MicrosoftHw.NTx86…3]). Please note that if you have a 64-bit OS then your lines will look like NTamd64…1 then just change it to NTamd64…3

      Then just open Device Manager click on Unknown Device, select Update Driver and point it to C:CIR ; it will notify that driver is unsigned click on install anyway
      Hope it helps:)

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      It worked! Thanks a ton.

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      its not worked for me

      p.s. i have win7 ultimate x64

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