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      I want to install the program i8kfangui. Its for controlling the fans on my Dell Vostro.

      The bad thing is, I cant start the driver.
      When i’m installing, the Program says only “Can’t start driver”
      The driver is named fanio.sys
      Is it possible to start it manually?

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        Probably the driver is not signed and therefore will not start. Try booting with the ‘Disable Driver Signing’ option in the Boot Menu (press F8 repeatedly before Windows is booting). If that works and you don’t want to select that option every time you boot, it is possible to edit your boot configuration. See this topic for more information!

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        It is working.
        Kiss ya.

        Unfortunately i am not able to disable the Driverchecks.
        It is not working without pressing F8 at startup…

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        works very well for me.

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        guess who postet the readydriver……..

        me 😀 😎

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