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      So, i have done all of the above, back when Server 2008 was released i made it my OS. Then when Server 2008 R2 was released I did the same. I was satisfied with both OS during their times except for one thing….price. I hated having to rearm it every time over an dover again. then backing it all up, format then reloading, then remarming again. I have even used hacks and cracks (with sucess) to activate the OS’s. I got tired of that too. But NOW i found a new solution…a free solution! A solution I think i might be fun to mess around with, yet a very customizable. Why not use Microsofts free version of Hyper-V 2008 R2 Server Edition? I know what your thinking…its nothing but a hyepr-v server with only Core features….a dos screen. Think about it though. Your own customizable UI’s based on WinPE Desktop solutions.This is what I current;y run. A very fast, lightweight OS, with everything installed that I like to use (firefox, winamp, wmp, n2menu, and much more). This is like having a Linux command window on a MIcrosoft Windows OS.

      I’ve decided to “note” the things i’ve done on my forum.

      I ma still workign on the forum setup, was hoping to get it to look alot like this one. I’m hoping this catches interest and alot more “smarter” people cna develop some awesome GUI’s,

      Let me know what your think of the idea…

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