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      Interesting that Microsoft has decided to integrate its Hyper-V solution on the next generation of its operating system, “Windows 8” marking the first time it will be able on both the client and server platforms. Hyper-V will only be as option on the 64-bit edition of Windows 8. As well you will need to meet the platform requirements of supporting second level address translation (SLAT). I think the main idea behind allowing this will give IT professionals the flexibility with testing applications in a virtual environment on Windows 8 to ensure it will function properly before deploying it company/organization-wide.

      Do you think this makes any sense at all from a client perspective? Hyper-V is notoriously horrible at Windows Aero performance when enabled as a role in Server. It is understandable in a server enviornment when you are virtualizing everything and Hyper-V is just the grand central station, but using it on client desktop PCs just isn’t feasible. I was a bit surprised when I read this article. What’s everyone’s take?


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