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      I have many server boxes but the one giving me trouble is the Win server 2008 R2. I am trying to create a standard desktop profile for some of our employees that when they log in they all get the same desktop profile.
      i have tried mandatory and remote profiles using AD and the TS tab but nothing works, is there a way that i can set this up that works????

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        Probably the solution in the following topic also works for Windows Server 2008 R2: [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=18&t=645:2bowdwte]Set default preferences for all accounts[/localurl:2bowdwte]

        Good luck and let me hear if you got it working! 🙂

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        Seems like it does not work for me, the themes do not change to what i have as the standard desktop theme.
        anymore help or do you need more info from me as to what i am working with and trying to accomplish?

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        I have a dell r310 RDS win 2008 R2 server that i am trying to do the following.
        Each user that logs into this server should have a default profile (custom built) and no one is allowed to change anything in this profile and when they log off and on again its the same profile they see.
        Does anyone know how to do this, its been 3 weeks now of research and everything i have tried does not work.
        HELP !!!!!!

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          Merged your topic with this one because they are very similar.

          Another possibility to configure a default profile is to create a new user with Administrator-rights, log in into that account, configure it and then replace the C:UsersDefault folder.

          1. Create a new user as explained here.
          2. Log in into the newly created account and configure the user account to your needs.
          3. Log out and log in as another user with Administrator rights and configure Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders: Go to Windows Explorer -> press left Alt -> Click Folder Options in the Tools menu -> Go to the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
          4. Navigate to the C:Users folder, rename or move the Default folder and then rename the folder of the user you created in step 1 to Default.
          5. To clean up, undo the configuration change done in step 3.

          Didn’t test it, but I expect this will work fine. In contrast to the solution offered before, you don’t have to find out all registry keys of the various settings yourself which makes this a lot easier! 🙂

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