How-to [x64] : FIX Those pesky unsigned drivers.

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      In the above link is a how-to on signing your own drivers so you don’t have to boot using the F8 switch to disable driver signing every time you want to use an app that uses an unsigned driver but only loads it when the app is used.
      [Think Clockgen, Nibitor, etc]

      Could this be incorporated into the next version of the converter so you can just select the driver and sign them right from the app?

      Or, a GUI to go along with this tool-set.

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        That’s a nice article! For many people Driver Signing has been a problem but these steps will solve it!

        Thanks! 🙂


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        An alternate and possibly easier method (for some) is to use ReadyDriver Plus. But it only works for systems that do not have multiboot (i.e., there needs to be only ONE OS in the BCD boot list)

        Basically, it automates the “F8 > Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” boot option everytime you start up by “emulating” keystrokes, though a new default boot item in BCD Edit. It does add 5-8 seconds or so to boot time, and you can actually see the “ghost working its’ magic” as it chooses the boot option virtually before your eyes, but it also removes the “Test Mode” watermark and stuff.

        It also works 100% for Windows 7 x64 and Server 2008 R2.

        EDIT: My explaination sucks, check out the official homepage for a better description and the download over at

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        I would have to use the signing method I have and XP and a linux partition on my system…

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        @RemixedCat wrote:

        I would have to use the signing method I have and XP and a linux partition on my system…

        Doing it all from the BCD loader? I.E., even chain-loading Linux via BCD? Well, with the Citadel Industries ReadyDriver Plus, it does actually support multi boot systems, it just gets a little tricky. What you have to set, during install, is how many “up arrows” it takes to choose Vista/2008 R2/Seven. Example…

        (1) If Windows 7 was your only OS choice, the boot menu would look like this…
        > Windows 7 Ultimate
        > ReadyDriver Plus
        …which means the default of “1 stroke” during setup will work, because it has to go up-one-option.

        (2) If Windows 7, Fedora, and XP were three OS choices in the BCD menu, and IF it looks like this…
        > Windows 7 Ultimate
        > Windows XP Professional
        > Fedora 10
        > ReadyDriver Plus
        …during install of ReadyDriver Plus, you have to change the default “1 stroke” to “3 strokes”, because you gotta press “up arrow” three times. Or, alternatively, you could install RadyDriver Plus with default settings, DON’T restart, then use a program such as EasyBCD to move the ReadyDriver Plus entry upwards to place it after the Windows 7/Vista/2008 option (therefore only needing the default 1).

        ReadyDriver Plus always adds an entry to the end of the BCD list by the way.

        Make sense? ^_^

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