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        How to save space

        I use several partitions:

        1. Windows Server 2008-R2 (WS2008-R2)
        2. Windows Server 2012-R2 (WS2012-R2)
        3. Programs
        4. Documents & Media

        The drive-letters
        Running WS2008-R2: WS2008-R2=C, WS2012-R2=D, Programs=E
        Running WS2012-R2: WS2012-R2=C, WS2008-R2=D, Programs=E

        As you can see above both O/S´s see the Program-partition as “E”, so here is a little “trick” I use,
        when i install a program under fx. WS2008-R2, I install it on “E”.
        Fx. Program “ABCD” is installed in “E:Program FilesABCD”.

        If i want to have the same program also on WS2012-R2, then running WS2012 i once again install it to the same folder on “E”, in this example “E:Program FilesABCD”.

        This saves a lot of space, instead of installing the programs on both the WS2008-R2 & the WS2012-R2 partition.
        And since many programs keeps their settings in their “own” folder i don´t have to change the same settings 2 times.
        For all those programs that don´t need to be “installed”, I just create a shortcut to them on the Desktop / Taskbar.

        Another small “trick” to have both O/S´s “synchronized”,
        I create a shortcut to the program in a “menufolder” on “E”, on both WS2008-R2 & WS2012-R2 i create a desktop-shortcut to that “menufolder”.
        If I later make any changes to the “menufolder” then it´s updated for both WS2008-R2 & WS2012-R2.

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