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      Issue: When you try to add the .NET Framework 3.5 role through Server Manager the installation fails when you attempt to run it.

      Cause: The .NET Framework 3.5 feature is not available within the Windows file system when the operating system is installed. It is only available from the installation media/DVD.

      Resolution: Insert your Windows Server 2012 installation media (USB stick or DVD) and specify the alternate path to the installation source.


      Step 1: Insert your Windows Server 2012 installation media into your PC.

      Step 2: Hit WIN+E to open up Computer. Locate the drive letter and make note of that.

      Step 3: Open Server Manager

      Step 4: Navigate to Manage > Add Roles and Features

      Step 5: Click Next

      Step 6: Click Next

      Step 7: Click Next

      Step 8: Click Next

      Step 9: Select your desired .NET Framework 3.5 features and hit Next

      Step 10: Select “Specify an alternate source path”

      Step 11: Navigate to the .NET Framework 3.5 source X:SourcesSxS ; where X: is your drive letter

      Example: IF your drive letter is E: the path would be E:SourcesSxS

      Step 12: Click Install

      Source files will be copied from the DVD/USB source to your hard disk and the .NET framework 3.5 package will be installed.

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