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      Hi all

      When I try to install Nero Multimedia Suite HD Platinum 11.0.15500 the installer says it needs w7 or xp to install.

      The isntaller is a .exe so I cannot edit it using orca

      Any i dea how can I install this on my ws2008r2sp1 ?

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      I have figured out your problem. Be prepared to enjoy the lengthy install process! I kid you not my friend.

      Step 1: Install Prerequisites

      Before you begin installation/hacking process make sure you have installed following at bare minimum:

      Orca MSI Editor:
      C++ 2008 SP1 X86:
      C++ 2010 SP1 X86:
      C++ 2010 SP1 X64:
      .NET Framework 4.0 Client:
      Note: You must have the .NET Framework 3.5 role installed through server manager before you can install this version.

      For the Direct3D 9 Extensions and HLSL Complier you can download that by installing the DirectX SDK here:

      Ok now that we have our prereq’s out of the way let’s begin the ACTUAL installation modification process.

      Step 2: Insert the Nero 11 DVD. If Autorun pops up, ignore it by closing it out.

      Step 3: Right-click on your DVD drive and choose “Open

      Step 4: Double-click on Nero_PlatinumHD-11.0.15500.exe to launch it. Allow the application to extract the installation files until the error message pops up telling you that you require xp Sp3/vista/7. Exit the program.

      Step 5: Click on Start and choose Run…

      Step 6: In run, type %temp% and hit enter

      Step 7: Locate a folder called “NeroInstallFiles“. Copy the entire folder to your Downloads folder. You can very easily skip this step of copying, but its a good practice to copy the files over so you have an original in case you accidently deleted a file or corrupted it in some way.

      Step 8: Double click inside NeroInstallFiles. Now click on the folder called NeroRANDOMDIGITS (for example Nero2011092814145232)

      Step 9: Locate nero.mmsplatinum.msi and choose “Edit with Orca..”

      Step 10: On the left side under Tables, locate LaunchCondition.

      Step 11: Under condition, right-click on Not (Version9X or VersionNT <=500 Or …etc) and drop the row. Hit OK to confirm deletion.

      Step 12: Click File > Save to apply changes to MSI.

      Step 13: Now navigate to ISSetupPrerequisites folder. Go to BackupDriversx64 folder.

      Step 14: right-click on nero.backupdriversx64.msi and choose Edit with Orca

      Step 15: Repeat Steps 10-12.

      Step 16: Navigate back to NeroRANDOMDIGITS folder. Click on applications folder.

      Step 17: Inside the applications folder you will see a long list of application folders…


      And so forth.

      Repeat Steps 10-12 for every single MSI package inside applications folder.

      You need to manually go into every single folder and edit the the MSI packages and drop the condition that requires XP Sp3/Vista/7 only. And yes you need to modify every single one or the installation will fail.

      Step 18: Navigate back to ISSetupPrerequisites and launch nero.backupdriversx64.msi. This will install the backup driver so the Nero BackItUp utility becomes functional. It will ask you to reboot your machine. Once you have done so the installation of Nero 11 is complete.


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      thanks a lot.

      I have installed nero following your instructions. though i ran nero.mmsplatinum.msi to install it 🙂

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      step 17b: Install program using nero.mmsplatinum.msi 😛

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      I tried out the software for a few days and I have to say it friggin SUCKS.

      The interface is very slow to load any module and the Backup utility consumes too much of my hard disk bandwidth. When it runs an update or backs up my files when I am playing a game, it will interrupt my game window.

      This program is an epic failure.

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      @halladayrules wrote:

      This program is an epic failure.


      thats true for sure. I never use nero for back up. What do you use for burning cds?

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      @shoss wrote:

      @halladayrules wrote:

      This program is an epic failure.


      thats true for sure. I never use nero for back up. What do you use for burning cds?

      Disc images (.iso, .daa, .img, .uif, etc) – Power ISO
      Audio CDs – Roxio Creator 9 (I still have CD from years back)
      DVD Video – Easy MPEG/AVI/DIVX to DVD or Cyberlink PowerDVD
      Data CDs/DVDs – Roxio or just built-in Windows utility

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