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      I was using an XP box for a file server, just started trying Win2008. I have a handfull of XP and Vista boxes on the network. With XP as a file server, anyone could connect to the shares and have full control, which is what I want. Not sure how to do that in Win2008. I tried adding EVERYONE, ANONYMOUS LOGON, etc, but nothing is working…

      Can someone help? I don’t want to add all the accounts on Win2008, and I don’t really want to have AD… Is it possible?

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      There is no such thing as “Simple File Sharing” in any Windows Server OS. Actually, it was first introduced with Windows XP, and then Vista. That’s it. Sorry.

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        Right click the folder you want to share and choose Properties. In the Security tab select the Everyone username (or add it if it doesn’t exist), click Edit, check Full control and click OK.

        Now click the Advanced button and click the Edit button in the Permissions tab. Now check “Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object”, and click OK a few times.

        After that go to the Sharing tab of the Properties window and click Share. Set the Permission Level of Everyone to Co-owner and click the Share button.

        Also you possibly have to enable the Guest account in Start -> Run -> cmd -> net user Guest /active:yes to not require users to enter a password before connecting to your shares.

        Hope this satisfies your needs!


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        He didn’t even say anything about Simple File Sharing, where did I get that from!?!? I’m an idiot! Ohhh… this must of been the same night I commented on that “Windows User Experience” thing on Server 2008 HPC or whatever it was I think…. i’ll make a note to be a little more… observant… in future 😐

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          Haha, no problem! 😉 Just don’t login onto the forum when it is very late or if you are drunk. :mrgreen:

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