How to convert 2008R2 to a ‘real’ Windows 7?

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      As you know, some softwares cannot install on SERVER OS, eg, Corel Paintshop Pro X4.

      Are there ways to cheat software, make it to consider the Server OS as a Workstation OS?

      Thanks. 🙂

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      You cannot convert a Server SKU to a real Desktop SKU. For that, simply install Windows 7 Professional.

      What you can do, is trick installers:

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      Thank you very much.

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      The solution is actually quite simple, but not exactly legal.

      I have this loader which allows me to install an OEM:SLP of a Windows 7 Ultimate installation. Upon reboot my machine becomes Windows 7 essentially. I cannot run any server roles or features such as Windows Server Backup. When I do I am greeted with “Block Level Backup Engine cannot run on Windows client operating system.” The advantages of this is that practically any Windows 7 capable application now installs on my machine. AVG 2012 works, Avira, avast, (any AV)… I am just left with malformed server functionality. My installed server features work fine for the most part (outside Windows Server Backup), so I don’t find that to be a problem. If I ever need to use any server-specific features I have a loader that installs a SERVERSTANDARD key and reverts my machine back to a full 100% server again.

      The software to convert from R2 to 7 is called Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3 (beta)
      The software to convert from 7 back to R2 is called Windows Loader v1.9.3 by Daz

      Doing this process will allow you to install any application designed for Windows 7 on your R2 machine, making compatibility virtually 99.9%.

      This process is very similar to the old “tokens.dat” trick in the Vista/2008 days, where we had a vista-glorified 2008 server with limited server functionality. You cannot do much server stuff, and the funny thing is you will begin to get updates for Windows 7, so if you need to update your R2 machine with R2-specific updates then you need to revert. For the most part the updates for R2 and 7 are the same since the kernels are the same.

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      This solution works but I do not advise it.

      Most of software works on R2 such as Adobe CS5 and even exotic software does too.

      Main issues are of course AV’s and Defrag Software where you need Server versions but there are lots around such as Symantec Endpoint, O&O Defrag Server…….

      But nevertheless I would not adventure myself in replacing token.dat file just to make your R2 become W7 !?!?! It’s like having a Lamborghini with a lawnmower engine in it…

      N 🙂

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