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      This default blue background on logon screen is irritating me. 😈
      Is there any possibility to change it? 🙄


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      thanx ❗

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      I know this forum is super old but I wanted to post my own solution to this problem. It requires no modification of any system DLLs or registry hacks that may break your system if you don’t know what you are doing.

      If you do a quick Google search for how to change your background the most popular search will pull up “Stardock’s LogonStudio”. You can install this software for free on Server 2008 but if you try to apply any of the given customize-able backgrounds it will not work. The solution is to simply download Application Verifier and add “Logonui.exe” to trick Server 2008 into thinking its Vista.

      Step 1: Download Stardock’s Logon Studio here:

      Step 2: Download Application Verifier:

      Download AMD64 if you have 64-bit server 2008 or X86 if you have 32-bit server 2008.

      Step 3: Open Application Verifier (not the X64 one)

      Step 4: Click File > Add Application

      Step 5: Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32

      Step 6: Type in “Logonui.exe” in the File name text field.

      Step 7: On right-side uncheck Basics

      Step 8: Expand the + next to Compatibility

      Step 9: Check HighversionLie

      Step 10: Right-click on HighVersionLie and choose Properties

      Step 11:

      Type in the following information:

      Major Version: 6
      Minor Version: 0
      Build number: 6001
      Service pack..: 0
      Service pack..: 0
      Suite mask: 0
      Product type: 1

      HIT OK.

      Now simply apply a given customize logon screen in Stardock LogonStudio or create your own and upload a desired image as your logon screen.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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