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      Issue: Elevated commands in Command Prompt will not run, despite the fact you are logged onto an account with Administrative privileges. The only way you are able to run elevated commands is by using the “run as administrator” prompt in the right-click options.

      An example of this problem is shown in the screenshot below:

      Solution: Locate the Command Prompt shortcut, and force it to always “Run as Administrator”. This will bypass the unnecessary steps of right-clicking command prompt any time you want to make a simple change. In future visits all that will be required is to simply do a search for command prompt or “cmd” and you will instantly have administrator privileges.

      Step 1: On the Windows Server 2012 start screen, begin typing “Command Prompt” until you see the application “Command Prompt” as one of the search results.

      Step 2: Right-click on Command Prompt and choose Open File Location

      Step 3: Right-click on Command Prompt shortcut and choose Properties.

      Step 4: Click on Advanced…

      Step 5: Check the “Run As Administrator” checkbox

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