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      tested on 32bit but should be the same no matter

      Bitdefender 2008 antivirus – Requires full installer download not web installer then removal of O/S dependancy restriction from .msi
      All bitdefender 2008 products – same as above but havent tested all, but would be the same as above no doubt

      I managed to get bitdefender to install onto windows server by downloading the complete package and not the web installer from

      after doing this i preceeded to remove the os dependency from the msi the same as is required to get unreal tournament 3 to install

      bit defender installed and is fully functional as it woulkd work in windos vista with full auto update working

      if the other free antivirus programs operate in vista sp1 without any problems then i believe that by just removing the os dependancy from the installer they should install and fully function but you have to unpack the .exe using a archiver program to edit the .msi then install using the setup.exe in the extracted folder

      i havent tried AVG as of yet but bit defender deffinetly works a charm but will update when tested

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      AVG Free 7.5 edition will not install on 2k8 without server liscence key and does not install from a .msi so cannot be edited in orca

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      This method will only work if the antivirus installs from a .msi based installer or the it cannot be used… still lol

      Avast 4.8 – installs from a self contained 3rd party installer

      im happy anyway as i use bitdefender 😛

      i havent tried all of the free antivirus but if there are any you use that wont install not listed try to extract them if they are not using a self contained .exe installer and edit the .msi

      its all a con at the end of the day to get people to buy a more expensive product just because it has the name server attached

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      Forgive my ignorance, but how do you remove the OS dependency from the msi file? I installed Orca and am looking at the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate msi file but I can’t find where the OS dependency is located.

      Although the Symantec AV installs and runs okay on Server 2008, it disables email scanning, something I would like to enable.

      Thanks for your help!


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      when editing the .msi go to the Launch condition section of orca

      at this point there usually are quite a few different entries in reference to older version and different products, some checking if a product is already installed leave these and delete an entry that is similar to this this entry:

      ((MsiNTProductType <> 3 AND MsiNTProductType <> 2) OR (MsiNTProductType = 3 AND SRVA = “1”) OR (MsiNTProductType =2 AND SRVA = “1”)) AND VersionNT64=””

      look for one with “NT,NT5 etc…” in its name it usually is the one which is the os dependancy restriction

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