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      I just want to try something new sometimes, now its time to 2k8 r2. Two reasons: got a decent pc, and want a solid system for a workstation; and is the only one which is free and has steam (i hope so…)

      I have a xp license, but for the new games, maybe dx11 can be a little better….

      So, until I have a good couple hardware/o.s., i will be here asking a lot.

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        Welcome at the forum! 😉 XP is getting increasingly retired so switching to Windows 6.0 (Server 2008/Vista) or Windows 6.1 (Server 2008 R2/7) is a good choice, also for games which need the new DirectX 11.

        Enjoy your stay! 🙂

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        thanks, i got some first impressions of system (not so deep although):

        boot slower than xp and 7 (maybe effect of ausence of prefetch/superfetch, i followed the tutorial but after the register tweak, the service related doesnt appears);

        shutdown super fast;

        pc is responsible, but i think needs a fine tune yet;

        all device drivers ok, including video card, but no catalyst.

        well, i need to take a seat and read all forum, a base for comparation for my system. anyway, this is the best 2008 workstation information source i could find (dont speak english, but all is well explained), keep up the good work!

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          @rent-a-hero wrote:

          boot slower than xp and 7

          Hibernating instead of shutting down might be an option. At least works fine for me. 😉 Otherwise, search the forum as you already mentioned; due to the contribution of knowledge of many people, there is a treasure of information around here! 🙂

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