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      Hi, I’m from California, USA. Along with a couple of the other users here, I received a free license for Windows Server 2008 from the Microsoft DreamSpark program for students. As a current Vista user, I plan to upgrade to this OS as soon as possible after reading into some of the information available on this site. I would like to thank the site admin and creator very much for their genius creation, as this site is helping many people such as myself and I’m sure many more in the future. I have told many of my collegiate colleagues to follow through with this project, as a free Windows Workstation does seem more appealing than Windows Vista.

      Thank You for your help in this endeavor in advance.

      Here are my system specifications:
      Core 2 quad q6600 @ 3.3GHz (1.35v) (412.5×8)
      2GB OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 DDR2 400 5-5-5-15 @ 440MHz (2.1v)
      eVGA 9800 GTX 512MB @ 830/2070/1230 (2460 effective)
      eVGA 680i A1
      Western Digital Caviar 200GB
      Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500GB
      Samsung 245BW
      Logitech G51
      Antec 900 Modified

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      Hi! I am running S08x64 with no problems on my system!

      My System:
      Quad Core AMD Phenom @ 2.20Ghzx4
      2048MB DDR RAM Dual Channel
      500GB SATA HD
      DVD+/-DL LightScribe Burner
      Creative Audigy2 Sound

      I hope you like S2008 becuase it is the onyl decent new OS from MS and will be for some time. Let’s see how they get windows7! If it fails they should withdrawl from the OS market and focus on xbox360. They do an impressive job with it. However they are having alot of complications with the console with red rings or death. I don’t have one but my lil bro does and he has had quite a few problems with it. However the games are the best. Most of them are out on pc though. I hope S2008 works out great for us all and hope MS takes some hints from that for windows7.

      if you use the 64 bit IE be sure to get something called IE7Pro it adds the same features FF has and ads inline adblocking like adblock plus+filterset.g. and alot of other features. I use it with the enhanced security mode and works fine IMO better then the FF does.

      Just be careful using FF mine had a commit set of 2.5 GB and a main ram set of 1,034MB!!! just 10 tabs open.

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      Hey, welcome at the Windows Server 2008 Workstation forums! 🙂 Good luck installing and tweaking your Windows 2008 Workstation! 😉


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