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      My name is Vidak, and currently I am 4th year student of EE, department of telecommunications.

      I have been using win2k8 for about 4 months, an I must say I love it. There have been some compatibility issues, but those are ussualy easily resolved (XP under VMware).

      There have been some troubles installing it on laptop (I was never able to completely install Bluetooth drivers), but i do not consider it big issue.

      Anyway, I can say that this is my favourite OS I have ever used (and I have used a lot – from win 3.11 to vista, i havent tried only NT prior to 4, and never wanted to use ME).

      Oh, yes, almost forgot. You have a wonderful community here.

      Greets from Serbia!

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        Hello vidakk, welcome to the Win2008Workstation.com Forums! It’s good to hear you enjoy using Windows Workstation 2008. I started myself with Windows 95 but from what I remember it was very unstable so when some program hangs the whole system hangs! 😆

        See you around! 😉


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