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      My name is Alex, im 19 year old and.. eh just installed the os on my personal PC 🙂
      About me… i have experience in various categories like programming, game design, network management etc.
      So i hope i can get some help here and help others aswell 🙂

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        hey Alex,

        Welcome on the Win2008Workstation forums! Sounds you have quite a lot experience with computers, so I guess you are able to help many people! :geek: If you need any help yourself, don’t hesitate to ask and as community we ‘ll figure it out. 🙂

        See you around! 😉

        Greetings, Arris

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        Of course, i already posted few posts 🙂
        BTW i forgot to mention that i’m from Bulgaria so excuse my english 🙂

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          Hehe, it is my native language either, but if we can understand of each other what is he is saying, everything is fine! 😉

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