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      TITLE: “How Can I Move a Hard Drive to Different MOBO (MotherBoard), WITHOUT reformatting OS disks? Someone has ideas on how this can be done! I know it….”

      Is there away? That I can successfully move my MBR style 2-Terabyte HDD containing Win7 & Win2k8r2sp1 OS files:

      1. To a new Case & Connect it to a Diff MotherBoard?
      2. WITHOUT having to reformat the system and/or OS drives/Partition or Tables?

      (ie…I think the issue will be caused by either Different Chipsets / Processors / & SATA Host Controller Drivers))} <> {((as-well-as Diff Fsb speed / RAM speed & type (from DDR2 to DDR3) not sure that last thing matters?//?

      I’m not sure if this has to do with drive tables or controller drivers or what…. but I have heard the horror stories about BSOD’s……. And I need to come up with a plan of attack before I jump in. But its hard for me to even know what angle to attack this from with out knowing the exact cause of the possible difficulties.

      I Bought the new MOBO, RAM, Case & CPU today! I’m itching to start but fear I’ll loose all Data or even just OS file systems. OUT OF THESE Only the “program files” are Priceless to me, OH and my PICS! But there backed up to DVD and other network PC.

      I am familiar with .vhd, and native boot and, diskpart/cmd lines.
      Is there away that I can successfully do this??? !Please please Ideas Please! (ie..) Like:……

      A.)An emulator Possibly, or even a .VHD setup of some kind, or a “””thingy-do”””” emulating current drivers or…..
      B.)Strip out chipset or controller drives from within a PE environment with Windows-Directories not active & then manually loading new controller drivers, or….
      C.)Cloning to a disk formatted by the system containing the new MOBO, OR……….!!
      D.)Clone over the network but to diff hardware with some program I haven’t heard of….Or…..
      E.)Going threw My PCIe Raid card? (That is currently used for Raid1 on two identical 80Gb SATAs), USE it as Controller???? perhaps I wont have to reformat? maybe something like attaching a foreign disk?????

      ANYTHING! I know I’m garbing at Straws here, but COME ON! One of us must have knowledge of that sort!
      Any Comments thoughts or Suggestions are always welcome…..

      I am fully backed up with Norton Ghost 15. I also have the “windows7 backup” and “Sever backup” restore images on a safe drive. I also used NGH15 to do a one time convert to .vhd !!!

      But I’m still worried!!! I don’t have that “Restore Anywhere” option I’ll look in to that one.
      My Norton 360 only offers 2.0Gb online storage.

      I have cloning ability with Acronis as well as NGH15
      I have NGH10.1 on Hirens PE CD/DVD.

      I must find some way to Retain my OS and Program Files when moving my (MBR style) WD 2T SATA HDD. That contains my “Valuable to me” Installs of Win7_Ult_x86 & Fresh-new dual boot setup to Win2k8r2sp1 DataCenter to a Diff Mother-Board,

      (ie… Diff Chipset / Processor / & SATA Controller Drivers) With out being forced to reformat the OS Disks?

      Can I Move a Hard Drive to Different MOBO (MotherBoard), WITHOUT reformatting OS disks? I know someone has ideas on how this can be done!

      PS I’ll swear to not tell a soul how to do it or that I accomplished it, if you want me too. But “By-an-large” I pay it forward man. In all aspects of my life. JUST ask me for help and SEE how diligently I’ll work toward the gains of another!

      Humans didn’t get here by themselves, it took societies and helping thy fellow neighbor. Even When survival of the fittest was in play!!!!!!! Hahah past-tense.

      Email Me for private message and ASAP response @: [email protected] if you prefer, due to patten pending or copyright issues.


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      This CAN be done!

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