Help me get Kaspersky 6.0 Server Edition working please!

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      Hey I have read through this forum and some of you say you have gotten this to work on server 2008, I install it and everything but how do i get it to work for my local machine instead of the whole server administration thing? after i install it and right click the tray icon, where it says open console or whatever it stays unhighlighted , I think this is the component i need ? Could someone please tell me how to get this functional on my PC please i would really appreciate it.

      Also, i reinstalled the OS, before when i would alt+tab it showed the vista style 3D switcher how do i get this back because it doesnt show up anymore its just classic style now.

      Thanks for any help


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        I don’t know anything about Kaspersky Server Edition, but to get the windowskey+tab 3D switcher, you have to enable the Aero theme and after that setting Color Scheme to Windows Aero in Window Color and Appearance. (See step 9 of the Themes page in the manual). Also make sure that you installed all graphics and motherboard drivers!

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