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      I’ve been in the computer network/build/repair business since DOS 3.3. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional (means nothing) in Small Business Server. I am 50 something and it gets harder to learn new things constantly. 😉

      I own my own consulting business in the Eastern US. My primary market is small business from 1 to 20 computers, with the average being 1 server (usually SBS2003) and 6 workstations although I do have several clients with multiple servers and up to 50 workstations that I work on.

      I love the fact that I found this forum. You have no idea how much time this will save me from experimenting myself. Microsoft has so many products currently and many more on the way that I find I could have a full time job just to keep reasonably current.

      As a MS partner, I have the Action pack kit which gives me most every major program they offer. No way to test them all. I’ve been using Vista on all 5 computers here for about a year. I like it, but I hate it. I have no desire to go back to XP either. I will be installing Windows2008workstation on my Dell laptop tonight using all the directions and help I’ve found here. I installed it on a spare server and like it a lot. It make sense to use it as a desktop OS.

      Thanks in advance for having me and for all the help 😀


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      Welcome to the forums, Jeff! Hopefully we will learn something from your experience too 🙂

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