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      Hi I’ve recently converted from Vista Ultimate to Server 2008 Standard Edition on my media PC.

      At first I tried the server os on a spare PC I had to run as a dedicated gaming server, then wanted storage as well. So ended up using my media PC as the base and installed Enterprise Edition initally. I had a few probs – although this site proved to be a very great help in the conversion. In fact I’ve learned alot in a very short space of time from here , the web and just fiddling around with variuos setups using the server.

      I had to reinstall the server os as a few things I tried really messed it up for me. But now I have Standard Edition running very fast and stable, in fact my overclocking of the processor seems to be much more stable also.

      I’m just having a few issues at the moment with Battlefield 2 & Adobe CS3 Master collection – both of which have installed but have some serious teething probs – which I have posted in the forums today.

      Hopefully I can get some help on those.

      Anyway great site…really.

      Thanks in advance.


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        Hello NikWest, good to have more people here that are trying everything they can in order to get the result they want! As you say yourself you learn a lot from it too! 🙂

        I’m sure together we ‘ll find out how to get the non-working apps/games working. 😎

        See you around!


    Viewing 1 reply thread
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