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      /me waves…

      I’m currently running Server 2003 as a workstation on two different computers, 32-bit all.

      One of them is going to get upgraded to Server 2008 and ran as a workstation.

      The other, I haven’t figured out yet. I’m not sure if I’m going to go with Windows 7, or run 2008 as a workstation. The planned WS2K8 will probably still be 32-bit, I don’t think the mobo will hold more than it currently has. It’s my spare “server” system anyways. No Hyper-V for me then on that system. :/

      I’ve got a laptop running Windows 7 now 64-bit. Everything works, except for my Palm TX. Which will sync via BlueTooth (sometimes it seems, at least in the past), but using the cable even just to charge it is a no go. The laptop is currently down, as the fan has decided to fail this weekend. Already got a replacement ordered, and should have it later this week.

      The desktop I’m currently using has 3 GB, and if I can get 4 GB DIMMs (DDR2), then I can go to 16 GB. Which of course means running in 64-bit mode, and no Palm TX support.

      Maybe I just run the Palm software on the 32-bit WS2K8 computer, and run this desktop and laptop and 64-bit, and not worry about it. 🙂 Use RDP on the server to work the Palm. That sounds like a plan to me. If I can run XP/Vista 32-bit in the Sun VM and get that to work with the Palm, then that may be the route I go as well. I think of it now, when the laptop’s down. Go figure.

      I really don’t figure on upgrading this current system until the other one gets upgraded and I know what I’m getting into with the WS2K8 hacking. 2003 I can almost do in my sleep nowadays. That’s the second time I’ve installed 2003 on that sucker, after the hard drive decided it didn’t want to work too well any more. Amazingly, all the data I wanted off that thing was still good.

      I’m still planning on some kind of NAS device to back up all the computers on to, even if it’s not much more than a couple of 1TB USB/eSATA disks on the/a server.

      I’m a network geek with an MCSE, currently looking for work. I’ve been a stay at home dad for the past few years, and the kids are now grown, possibly even moving out of the house, and I’d look forward to some nice challenges that don’t involve kids…

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        Hello bytehead, welcome at Win2008Workstation.com! 🙂

        Nice introduction and good to have a MCSE geek here at the forum. 😉 While you are looking for work, Windows Server 2008 is a nice OS to play with to keep up your Windows and networking knowledge!

        See you around!


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        I have been using s2008x64ent for one year and I am loving it. Very stable and has had uptimes of 4 months on average. The only thing that stopped it was three power outages and one driver update.

        works with pretty much any app I throw at it.

        Hope it works great for you!

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