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      Hi, mates :ugeek:

      I’ve installed Server 2008 64bit. And with some help from win2008workstation.com i converted it into Workstation.

      There are few reasons why i decided to stay with it. Firstly it has new NT kernel, same like vista. But it’s lighter than vista, which is overloaded by shitty, completely usefulness software.
      System is great for somebody who know how to handle with it, and for somebody who want learn a bit.
      Now it’s only os on my rig. Even linux was deleted from partition, and installed on Virtual Machine.

      Thanks for Brilliant site 🙂 I will donate later, because my visa just expired, and I’m waiting for new.

      P.S. Sorry for my bad English 😉 It’s a bit rusty and I’ll need revision.

      Greetings form Land of Winged Cavalery.

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        Hello, welcome on the Win2008Workstation.com forums! I’m glad you enjoy using Windows Server 2008 as your main OS and it’s a indeed a nice OS to learn things.
        The main thing is that we understand each other so it’s no problem to make some mistakes when using the English language; it’s my/many others native language either! 😉

        Thanks in advance for your donation and see you around at the Win2008Workstation Community website/forums! :geek:

        Greetings, Arris

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